reading tab-delimited data without header in pandas


I'm having trouble using pandas to open tab-delimited data without headers.

My test data (actually contains 200 lines, of which I am showing the first 10):

Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10006 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10012 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10018 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10024 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10030 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10036 0 36M 36 Tag19184 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10042 0 36M 36 Tag20198 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10048 0 36M 36 Tag20198 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10054 0 36M 36 Tag45093 CTAAC hffef 1 a 36 - chr1 10060 0 36M 36

My code:

import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('in_test.txt',sep='\t',header=None) print df

However, I get the following output, which I don't think I can use to further process data (?):

<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'> Int64Index: 200 entries, 0 to 199 Data columns: X.1 200 non-null values X.2 200 non-null values X.3 200 non-null values X.4 200 non-null values X.5 200 non-null values X.6 200 non-null values X.7 200 non-null values X.8 200 non-null values X.9 200 non-null values X.10 200 non-null values X.11 200 non-null values X.12 200 non-null values dtypes: int64(5), object(7)

The <a href="http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/dev/io.html" rel="nofollow">tutorial here</a> suggests that print df should just give me the corresponding data frame. What am I doing wrong?


I think you are getting the it read correctly, but:

<ol><li>See: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21482546/change-pandas-0-13-0-print-dataframe-to-print-dataframe-like-in-earlier-version" rel="nofollow">change pandas 0.13.0 "print dataframe" to print dataframe like in earlier versions</a>, this is what pandas do in the older versions. So, update will solve it.</li> <li>You can use ipython notebook, where DataFrames will show up as HTML tables.</li> <li>You can use df.head(5) (similar to r's head) to get the first a few rows just to make sure your DataFrame is correct.</li> </ol>


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