Dynamic Structs in C++


For a project in C++ (I'm relatively new to this language) I want to create a structure which stores a given word and a count for multiple classes. E.g.:

struct Word { string word; int usaCount = 0; int canadaCount = 0; int germanyCount = 0; int ukCount = 0; }

In this example I used 4 classes of countries. In fact there are hundreds of country classes.

My questions regarding this are the following:

<ol><li>Is there any way to generate this list of countries dynamically? (E.g. there is a file of countries which is read and on that basis this struct is generated)</li> <li>Fitting for this struct should be a function which increments the count if the class is seen. Is there also a way to make this "dynamic" by which I mean that I want to avoid one function per class (e.G.: incUsa(), incCanada(), incGermany() etc.)</li> <li>Since I'm not really used to C++: Is this even the ideomatic approach to it? Perhaps there's a better data structructure or an alternative (and more fitting) way to result the problem.</li> </ol>

Thanks in advance.


In C++ class and struct definitions are statically created at compile time, so you can't, for example, add a new member to a struct at runtime.

For a dynamic data structure, you can use an associative container like <a href="http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/container/map" rel="nofollow"><strong>std::map</strong></a>:

std::map<std::string, int> count_map; count_map["usa"] = 1; count_map["uk"] = 2;


You can include count_map as a member in the definition of your struct Word:

struct Word { std::string word; std::map<std::string, int> count_map; };


Consider std::map. You could create a map of countries to a map of words to counts. Or a map words to a map of countries to counts. Whether you use an enum or strings for your country codes is up to you.


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