Handling backslash when parsing json


Here is a portion of a larger JSON string that I attempting to call JSON.parse on. I am getting the infamous 'invalid character' error because (I believe) of the backslash parentheses <em>(ie. "path:\"<a href="https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/Test" rel="nofollow">https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/Test</a>\")</em>.

All online parsers I have tried it on works fine but in my javascript code the JSON.parse method fails.

I have attempted to clean the string like this and other ways but I have been unable to get it to parse.

var cleanData = data.replace(/\\"/, /\\\\/);

below is the partial JSON file. When I remove it from the JSON string the JSON.parse works so I think I have this isolated to just this. What type of general purpose clean method would work to get this thing to parse? Thansk

'{"Properties" : { "GenerationId" : 9223372036854776000, "indexSystem" : "", "ExecutionTimeMs" : 109, "QueryModification" : "path:\"https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/Test\" (IsDocument:\"True\" OR contentclass:\"STS_ListItem\") ContentTypeId:0x0120D5200098CBB075E51C8C4398ECCB4B4928912D*", "RenderTemplateId" : "~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Group_Default.js", "StartRecord" : 0, "piPageImpressionBlockType" : 2 }}



The problem is that your backslash is getting swallowed as an escape character in the string:

'\"' === '"' // true

You actually need to escape the backslashes, so that the JSON parser sees them. Here's another example:

var unencoded = 'string with "quotes"'; '"string with \"quotes\""' === JSON.stringify(unencoded); // false '"string with \\"quotes\\""' === JSON.stringify(unencoded); // true

However, where the escaping should be done depends on how the JSON is being made available to the JavaScript. If the JSON is embedded in the page by a server-side script, then there's no need to use JSON.parse, as valid JSON is valid JavaScript:

// if JsonData is valid JSON, it's also a valid JavaScript object var data = <%= JsonData %>;


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