Uitable over whole window width


I would like to programmatically (or in GUIDE) fix the <a href="/questions/tagged/matlab-uitable" class="post-tag" title="show questions tagged 'matlab-uitable'" rel="nofollow">matlab-uitable</a> to be the whole width of the panel on initialisation. How can I do this?

All I've managed is to change the size in pixels of single columns. I would like the uitable to be 100% the width of the page at that time. When my window is in minimized form the GUI looks fine, but when I maximize it, the uitable is only about half the width of the page. (The uitable's height is not that of the whole panel though, around 1/2 of the whole page)

The GUI is written in <a href="/questions/tagged/matlab-guide" class="post-tag" title="show questions tagged 'matlab-guide'" rel="nofollow">matlab-guide</a>.

This is the code that I am trying right now:

data = populateTable; parentPosition = get(handles.uipanel4, 'position'); uitablePosition = [x y parentPosition(3)-2 parentPosition(4)-2]; set(handles.uitable, 'Position', uitablePosition); set(handles.uitable, 'Visible', 'on'); set(handles.uitable, 'Data',data, 'ColumnFormat',{'numeric'});


A possible solution could be to set both the position of the figure and of the table to normalized, then to set the position of the table to [0 0 1 1]

f = figure set(f,'unit','normalized') set(f,'position',[0.1 0.1 0.5 0.5]) data = rand(13); for i=1:length(data) col_names{i}=['Col. # ' int2str(i)]; end for i=1:length(data) row_names{i}=['Row. # ' int2str(i)]; end t = uitable(f, 'Data', data,'unit','normalized', ... 'Position', [0 0 1 1],'columnname',col_names, ... 'rowname',row_names);


You need to set the uitable's <strong><em>position</em></strong> property when you initialize it.

First, get the position of the uitable's parent object. That could be a uipanel or a figure. Assume hParent is a handle to the uitable's parent.

parentPosition = get(hParent, 'position');

Then, create your position vector for the new uitable, and use the parent's width and height. You might want to subtract a few pixels for padding. I'll subtract two pixels here.

uitablePosition = [x y parentPosition(3)-2 parentPosition (4)-2];

You can probably set x and y to 1 or 2 as well, depending on where the table is positioned.

uitable( ... 'units','pixels','position', uitablePosition )

You can implement the same idea in your figure's resize function.


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