Cucumber-jvm Hooks when Scenario is passed or failed


In <strong>Jbehave</strong> we can execute method upon outcome of scenario success/failure. One of the below mentioned methods will execute after failure and success.

@AfterScenario(uponOutcome=AfterScenario.Outcome.SUCCESS) public void afterSuccessfulScenario() { // Some code to execute... } @AfterScenario(uponOutcome=AfterScenario.Outcome.FAILURE) public void afterFailedScenario() { // Some code to execute... }

I'm trying to achieve the same thing in <strong>Cucumber-jvm</strong>. The scenario Hooks @Before and @After will execute after each scenario. But I want to execute some code for each failure scenario.

I am not sure how to implement it in cucumber-jvm. Any clue?


You can achieve it using cucumber-jvm hooks. If a hook receive a <a href="http://cucumber.github.io/api/cucumber/jvm/javadoc/cucumber/api/Scenario.html" rel="nofollow">Scenario</a> as a parameter, you can know if it has failed or not.


@After public void afterScenario(Scenario scenario) { if (scenario.isFailed()) { // Some code to execute... } if(scenario.isPassed()) { // Some code to execute... } }

Note the import of @After:

import cucumber.api.java.After;

Hope it helps.


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