Redux Observable: How to return an action from a callback?


I'm using the WebRTC library which has a very specific API. The peerConnection.setRemoteDescription method's 2nd argument is supposed to be a callback for when it finishes setting the remote description:

This is one of my wrapper functions for my WebRTC class:

export function setRemoteSdp(peerConnection, sdp, callback) { if (!sdp) return; return peerConnection.setRemoteDescription( new RTCSessionDescription(sdp), callback, // <------------- ); }

And this is a sketch of what I want to do:

function receivedSdp(action$, store) { return action$.ofType(VideoStream.RECEIVED_SDP) .mergeMap(action => { const {peerConnection} = store.getState().videoStreams; const {sdp} = action.payload; return WebRTC.setRemoteSdp(peerConnection, sdp, () => { return myReducer.myAction(); // <------ return action as the callback }) }) };

This doesn't work since I'm not returning an Observable. Is there a way to do this?

P.S. this is the WebRTC API: <a href="https://github.com/oney/react-native-webrtc/blob/master/RTCPeerConnection.js#L176" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/oney/react-native-webrtc/blob/master/RTCPeerConnection.js#L176</a>


So the problem is that setRemoteSdp doesn't return an Observable while myReducer.myAction() does and that's the Observable you want to merge?

You can use Observable.create and wrap the WebRTC.setRemoteSdp call:

.mergeMap(action => { return Observable.create(observer => { WebRTC.setRemoteSdp(peerConnection, sdp, () => { observer.next(myReducer.myAction()); observer.complete(); }) }); } .mergeAll()

The Observable.create returns an Observable that emits another Observable from myReducer.myAction(). Now I have in fact so-called higher-order that I want to flatten using mergeAll() (concatAll would work as well).


martin's answer is correct about using Observable.create or new Observable--same thing (except it's not clear to me why you need the mergeAll() since the mergeMap will flatten?)

As a bonus, you could also use Observable.bindCallback for this.

// bindCallback is a factory factory, it creates a function that // when called with any arguments will return an Observable that // wraps setRemoteSdp, handling the callback portion for you. // I'm using setRemoteSdp.bind(WebRTC) because I don't know // if setRemoteSdp requires its calling context to be WebRTC // so it's "just in case". It might not be needed. const setRemoteSdpObservable = Observable.bindCallback(WebRTC.setRemoteSdp.bind(WebRTC)); setRemoteSdpObservable(peerConnection, sdp) .subscribe(d => console.log(d));

Usage inside your epic would be something like this

// observables are lazy, so defining this outside of our epic // is totally cool--it only sets up the factory const setRemoteSdpObservable = Observable.bindCallback(WebRTC.setRemoteSdp.bind(WebRTC)); function receivedSdp(action$, store) { return action$.ofType(VideoStream.RECEIVED_SDP) .mergeMap(action => { const {peerConnection} = store.getState().videoStreams; const {sdp} = action.payload; return setRemoteSdpObservable(peerConnection) .map(result => myReducer.myAction()); }) };

You could use this to create Observable wrappers for all the WebRTC apis.


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