Use Prism.Unity.UnityBootstrapper with Unity.IUnityContainer


I’ve upgraded my project today to Prism 6.3.0 and Unity 5.3.1. Before that, I had Prism 5 and Unity 4.

Now I’m running into problems with the Prism.Unity.UnityBootstrapper: it seems that the Container field is still a Microsoft.Practices.Unity.IUnityContainer instead of Unity.IUnityContainer.

I had hoped that the upgrade would cleanly cut all references to Microsoft.Practices.Unity off of my project, but it seems that I’m still forced to use the “old” Prism library, at least in parts.

Why does this situation arise, and what do I do to make it right? Am I missing something?


Unity 5.x is not supported in Prism yet. So, you will have to stick with 4.x until that happens. My understanding is, it is a goal of the team to support Unity 5.x in Prism 7 and up.

As you mentioned in your comment, there has been a lot of talk in the GitHub repo for Prism about the changes that came along with Unity 5. Glad to know that there are people willing to take on Unity, and move it forward, though.


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