How to parse sentence that is multilingual?


When I use Stanford Parser to parse sentences like: "Jirí Hubac 's script is a gem ." "Absorbing character study by André Turpin ."

It raise internal error.

How to deal with such situation that the sentence is multilingual?


Using the full Stanford CoreNLP toolkit available here:

<a href="http://stanfordnlp.github.io/CoreNLP/" rel="nofollow">http://stanfordnlp.github.io/CoreNLP/</a>

I ran this command:

java -Xmx6g -cp "stanford-corenlp-full-2015-12-09/*" edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.StanfordCoreNLP -annotators tokenize,ssplit,pos,lemma,ner,parse -file example.txt -outputFormat text

It had no problem parsing your example sentence and the output can be found in the file: example.txt.out

Could you please provide the command you issued and the error you got when trying to run on this sentence?


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