Google apps script and script db replacement example needed


I've got a google apps script UI I am using in a google doc.

I'm trying to replace the current handler which uses the Script DB. Script DB has since been deprecated. The amount of information I was writing was minimal and I figured I would just write the info to google sheets.

Here is the handler from the .html

function addApprover(){ google.script.run.withSuccessHandler(function() { getApprovers(); $('#approver').val(''); }).addApprover($("#approver").val()); }


function addApprover(email){ var db = ScriptDb.getMyDb(); var docId = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getId(); var ob = { docId: docId, approverEmail: email, status: null, emailSent: false } db.save(ob); var history = { docId: docId, action: 'Added Approver', email: email, date: Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "MM-dd-yyyy' 'HH:mm:ss"), } db.save(history); }

I figure that I still call the .gs function and just need to change the function accordingly.

I'm fairly certain that the text box approver holds the email addresses.

How do I access these items?

I'm fairly certain I'm looking for a "for each" statement to iterate through each email address and send them a message and write their name to a specific area of a sheet but I am unsure how to proceed.


Hopefully this will get you started:

function addApprover(email){ var docId = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getId(); var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('Your Spreadsheet file ID here'); var sheetToWriteTo = ss.getSheetByName('Your sheet name here'); var rowData = [docId, email, null, false]; sheetToWriteTo.appendRow(rowData); var history = [docId, 'Added Approver', email, Utilities.formatDate(new Date(), "GMT", "MM-dd-yyyy' 'HH:mm:ss")]; sheetToWriteTo.appendRow(rowData); }

If you want to write the two sets of data to two different sheets, you'll need to get a reference to a second sheet. The data goes into an array, not an object. Although you will see an array called an object in Google documentation also. If you see brackets [], it's an array.

If you have any problems, debug the code with Logger.log() statements and/or <strong>debug</strong> and a breakpoint, then post another question if it's a major issue, or if it's something minor, make a comment here.


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