Check for same rows in a while loop and put them in a separate table


I would want to first check for all equal rows and then put them into a separate table.

This is what I have done so far:

table1 | id | name | | 1 | JUS | | 1 | NUM | | 2 | SET | /** * this is the the query for retrieving the data * from table1 */ $query="SELECT id, name FROM table1 order by id"; $results=$db->query($query); $previous=''; while($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($results)){ $id=$row['id']; $name=$row['name']; if($id==$previous){ /** * This is where i am stucked up */ $current=''; } $previous=$id; }

I want to get the id with 1 as the value into one html table, like below

first html table ID | 1 | 1 | Name | JUS | NUM |

and also get the id with 2 as the value into another html table. So in all we will get separate tables if the id are not the same:

second html table ID | 2 | Name | SET |

Any idea as to how to go about it is appreciated.


You could just gather all them first in a container, using ids as your keys so that they'll be grouped together. After that, just print them accordingly:

$data = array(); while($row = $results->fetch_assoc()){ $id = $row['id']; $name = $row['name']; $data[$id][] = $name; // group them } foreach($data as $id => $values) { // each grouped id will be printed in each table echo '<table>'; // header echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>ID</td>' . str_repeat("<td>$id</td>", count($values)); echo '</tr>'; echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>Name</td>'; foreach($values as $value) { echo "<td>$value</td>"; } echo '</tr>'; echo '</table><br/>'; }

This will work if those fields are just like that, if you need something more dynamic, you need another dimension, and instead of just pushing name, you'll need the push the entire row:

$results = $db->query('SELECT id, name, age FROM table1'); $data = array(); while($row = $results->fetch_assoc()){ $id = $row['id']; unset($row['id']); $data[$id][] = $row; // group them } $fields = array('name', 'age'); foreach($data as $id => $values) { // each grouped id will be printed in each table echo '<table>'; // header echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>ID</td>' . str_repeat("<td>$id</td>", count($values)); echo '</tr>'; foreach($fields as $field) { // construct td $temp = ''; echo "<tr><td>$field</td>"; for($i = 0; $i < count($values); $i++) { $temp .= '<td>' . $values[$i][$field] . '</td>'; } echo $temp; // constructed td echo '</tr>'; } echo '</table><br/>'; }


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