How to define global function in TypeScript?


I want to define a global function that is available everywhere, without the need to import the module when used.

This function aims to replace the safe navigation operator (?) available in C#. For the sake of readability, I don't want to prefix the function with a module name.


declare function s<T>(someObject: T | null | undefined, defaultValue?: T | null | undefined) : T;


///<reference path="Global.d.ts" /> export function s<T>(object: T | null | undefined, defaultValue: T | null = null = {} as T) : T { if (typeof object === 'undefined' || object === null) return defaultValue as T; else return object; }

App.tsx (root TypeScript file):

import 'Global';

Other TSX file (method usage):

s(s(nullableVar).member).member; //Runtime error

This compiles fine, however, in the browser this throws 's is not a function'.


You're defining the type for the compiler, but not actually attaching it to the global namespace — window in the browser, global in node. Instead of exporting it from the module, attach it. For isomorphic use, use something like...

function s() { ... } // must cast as any to set property on window const _global = (window /* browser */ || global /* node */) as any _global.s = s

You can also ditch the .d.ts file and declare the type in the same file using declare global, e.g.

// we must force tsc to interpret this file as a module, resolves // "Augmentations for the global scope can only be directly nested in external modules or ambient module declarations." // error export {} declare global { function s<T>(someObject: T | null | undefined, defaultValue?: T | null | undefined) : T; } const _global = (window /* browser */ || global /* node */) as any _global.s = function<T>(object: T | null | undefined, defaultValue: T | null = null) : T { if (typeof object === 'undefined' || object === null) return defaultValue as T; else return object; }


global.ts(x) needs just a little tweak to be a valid "global module" <em>(a module with side effects only)</em>: remove the export keyword and add some code to augment the global object. You can also provide the global declaration in the same file and remove global.d.ts.

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">function _s<T>(object: T | null, defaultValue: T = {} as T) : T { return object == null ? defaultValue : object as T; } // Global declaration declare var s: typeof _s; // Global scope augmentation var window = window || null; const _global = (window || global) as any; _global.s = _s;

To use it, just import the module once, for instance in App.tsx via a global import: import './global';.

Tested with mocha, chai, ts-node:

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">import { expect } from 'chai'; import './global'; // To do once at app bootstrapping describe('global s()', () => { it('should replace null with empty object', () => { const result = s(null); expect(result).to.eql({}); }); it('should replace undefined with empty object', () => { const result = s(undefined); expect(result).to.eql({}); }); it('should replace null with the given default value', () => { const defVal = { def: 'val' }; const result = s(null, defVal); expect(result).to.eql({ def: 'val' }); }); it('should preserve defined object', () => { const object = { bar: 'a' }; const result = s(object); expect(result).to.eql(object); }); });


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