JSF 2 f:param inside of ui:repeat


as the question above mentiones, i need to create "dynamic" params for a

<ui:composition> <h:link> <h:outputText value="link with params" /> <ui:repeat var="parameter" value="#{bean.getCurrentParameter}"> //customClass test: #{parameter.name} #{parameter.value} //output is fine <f:param name="#{parameter.name}" value="#{parameter.value}" /> </ui:repeat> </h:link> </ui:composition>

unfortunately the "test" returns all values correctly, but when I hover the link, there is not a single parameter set ("page.xhtml" instead of "page.xhtml?param1=ddd&param2=sss...")

To unterstand why I need this, I want to get all parameters of the current page and add/remove one (the link clicked on is the one I want to remove/add).

to I need to generate for each link its own parameters (when param1=1,2 by default, one link has e.g. "param1=1,2,3" (appends 3) and the other one has "param1=1,2,4" (appends 4))


Classic <a href="http://www.ninthavenue.com.au/jsf-c-foreach-vs-ui-repeat" rel="nofollow">taghandlers vs component tags</a> issue. <ui:repeat/> is a component tag that runs after the view tree has been built while <f:param/> is a tag handler that is placed in the view tree during view build. What this means is that <f:param/> is parsed and processed before <ui:repeat/> ever makes it into the page. As a result var="parameter" is not available for use when <f:param/> needs it.

To fix, use the <c:forEach/> tag instead:

<h:link> <h:outputText value="link with params" /> <c:forEach var="parameter" items="#{bean.getCurrentParameter}"> test: #{parameter.name} #{parameter.value} <f:param name="#{parameter.name}" value="#{parameter.value}" /> </c:forEach> </h:link>


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