Which file types can be viewed in browser


I just want to know which file types (like .png, .pdf, .txt) can be viewed in browser (like Chrome, Firefox). Because sometimes when i click on file link, instead of displaying in browser it download automatically. Why this happens ? Below is my code. Any help will be appreciated.

<script> function openPDF(url){ var w=window.open(url, '_blank'); w.focus(); } </script> <a href="burger1.jpg" target='_blank'>link</a> <div onclick="openPDF('1.pdf');">PDF 1</div>


In normal cases, following files can be viewed in browser.

.PNG .JPEG .PDF .doc etc ...

and following files will always be download.

.zip .exe etc ...

But in special cases, it depends on user browser settings and preference. You can get further details from <a href="https://apemobile.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001569212-PDF-files-are-downloading-instead-of-displaying-in-web-browser-or-opening-in-a-new-tab" rel="nofollow">this</a> link.


There are two aspects to this issue.


There are addons you can add on to the browsers to allow viewing virtually anything in the browser window. In the case of PDF, for instance Firefox can't show those by default, but you can install an addon. Or, there are standalone PDF viewers that also come with such an add-on which you can activate if desired.

</li> <li>

And when you've done that, as noticed in the comments, if the resource is marked as download, the browser will download it instead of trying to open it, no matter the file type.<br /> Ditto if it has a http header of Content-Disposition: attachment.<br /> So don't use that.

</li> </ol>


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