Reading external plain text content into string


I have a simple CGI script that would generate plain text content on demand. For example, would return Hello Joe!.

How can I read this into a string in Javascript?

name = "Joe"; url = "" + name; greeting = loadThis(url);

I'm new to Javascript, so even naive approach (i.e. no need to URL escape...) will be helpful for me :)


Based on this <a href="http://www.javascripter.net/faq/xmlhttpr.htm" rel="nofollow">FAQ on JavaScriper.net</a>, I have found solution that works for me. However, the called script must be on the same machine as the caller, otherwise I get security errors from browsers.

Apparently this is what @Makkes mentioned. However, I'm perfectly happy with having the hello.cgi on the same machine for now.

Here is the code:

function loadThis(localuri) { var oRequest = new XMLHttpRequest(); var sURL = 'http://' + self.location.hostname + localuri; oRequest.open('GET',sURL,false); oRequest.setRequestHeader('User-Agent',navigator.userAgent); oRequest.send(null); if (oRequest.status==200) return(oRequest.responseText); else alert('Error executing XMLHttpRequest call!'); } name = "Joe"; localuri = "/hello.cgi?name=" + name; greeting = loadThis(localuri);

(Of course, this would not handle names with spaces or special characters correctly, but that's another story.)


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