Access annotation at runtime


How can I access in main whether check in the Sample class is true or false?<br /> What should I write in Main class?

package annotation; import java.lang.annotation.Retention; import java.lang.annotation.RetentionPolicy; @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface annotation { public String name() default "Jimmy"; public boolean check() default false; } <hr /> package annotation; @annotation(name = "Jack", check = false) public class Sample { public String str = "Hi"; public void printHi(String str) { System.out.println(str); } } <hr /> package annotation; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { } }


Use <a href="http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/Class.html#getAnnotation%28java.lang.Class%29" rel="nofollow">Sample.class.getAnnotation(annotation.class)</a> to get your annotation instance, and call check() to get the check value:


Note that classes should start with an upper-case letter, and that naming an annotation "annotation" is quite confusing.


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