Explicit specialization in non-namespace scope error… Desperately need help


Can somebody please help me to port the following code to <strong>GCC</strong>? I have found a lot or related questions on this site, but I just can't seem to apply suggested workarounds in my case...

typedef float MyData __attribute__ ((__vector_size__ (16))); template <typename T> class Data_T { public: template < typename U > static bool IsEqual (const T & a, const T & b) { return a == b; } //Fixed: template <> static bool IsEqual < MyData > ( const MyData & a, const MyData & b) static bool IsEqual ( const MyData & a, const MyData & b) { return true; } void TriggerProblem(const T & val) { if (!IsEqual(1.0f, val)) // Error: no matching function for call to 'Data_T<float>::IsEqual(float, const float&)' { } } };

The code to trigger the problem:

Data_T<MyData> inst; inst.TriggerProblem(1.0f);

I was getting an error <strong>error: explicit specialization in non-namespace scope 'class Data_T'</strong>, which was caused by specialization function <strong>IsEqual()</strong>, but now encountered another type of error (<strong>no matching function for call to 'Data_T::IsEqual(float, const float&)'</strong>), which seems to be caused by the <strong>__vector_size__</strong> attribute, which I can't remove. Please help...


In this case overloading should suffice instead of specializing:

template <typename T> class Data_T { public: template<typename U> static bool IsEqual(const U& a, const U& b) { return a == b; } static bool IsEqual(const MyData& a, const MyData& b) { return MyDataTypeIsEqual (a, b); } template<typename U> bool IsRangeEqual(const U& a, const U& b, const U& delta) { return (a >= b) ? (a - b <= delta) : (b - a <= delta); } bool IsRangeEqual(const MyData & a, const MyData & b, const MyData & accuracy) { return MyDataTypeIsRangeEqual (a, b, accuracy); } };

<em>Edit regarding update</em>:<br /> While for me the conversion from float to float __vector__ already fails, you seem to have a typo of:

template<typename U> static bool IsEqual(const T& a, const T& b)


template<typename U> static bool IsEqual(const U& a, const U& b)

I fixed the above code accordingly.


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