EWS Java API get Attachment


I have some issue in getting some attachment using ews java API 1.3 SNAPSHOT, i want to get Attachment in my email, here my code :

try { ExchangeService service; service.setUrl(new URI("https://" + myserver + "/ews/Exchange.asmx")); ExchangeCredentials credentials = new WebCredentials(username, password); service.setCredentials(credentials); ItemView view = new ItemView(Integer.MAX_VALUE); view.getOrderBy().add(ItemSchema.DateTimeReceived, SortDirection.Ascending); Folder folder = Folder.bind(service, WellKnownFolderName.Inbox); FindItemsResults<Item> results = service.findItems(folder.getId(),view); service.loadPropertiesForItems(results, new PropertySet(BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties, EmailMessageSchema.Attachments)); for (Item item : results) { Item itm = Item.bind(service, item.getId(), new PropertySet(BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties, EmailMessageSchema.Attachments)); EmailMessage emailMessage = EmailMessage.bind(service, itm.getId(), new PropertySet(BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties, EmailMessageSchema.Attachments)); if (emailMessage.getHasAttachments()) { for (Attachment attachment : emailMessage.getAttachments()) { String FileExtension = getFileExtension(attachment.getName()); File TempFile = File.createTempFile(attachment.getName(), FileExtension); attachment.load(TempFile.getAbsolutePath()); } } } } catch (Exception e) { logger.error("Error ", e.getMessage()); }

My issue is it can get another email that has no attachment and always skip email that has an attachment, the example is like this, In my inbox i have this email list

<ul><li>from: a@gmail.com (has attachment)</li> <li>from: b@mycompany.com (no attachment)</li> <li>from: c@hiscompany.com (has attachment)</li> <li>from: d@mycompany.com (no attachment)</li> </ul>

And when i run my code, it always get email that has no attachment, like this:

<ul><li>from: b@mycompany.com (no attachment) </li> <li>from: d@mycompany.com (no attachment)</li> </ul>

and skip the other email that has attachment, i have no idea how can this happen. Can someone help me please?


HashMap<String, HashMap<String, String>> attachments = new HashMap<String, HashMap<String, String>>(); if (emailMessage.getHasAttachments() || emailMessage.getAttachments().getItems().size() > 0) { //get all the attachments AttachmentCollection attachmentsCol = emailMessage.getAttachments(); log.info("File Count: " +attachmentsCol.getCount()); //loop over the attachments for (int i = 0; i < attachmentsCol.getCount(); i++) { Attachment attachment = attachmentsCol.getPropertyAtIndex(i); //log.debug("Starting to process attachment "+ attachment.getName()); //FileAttachment - Represents a file that is attached to an email item if (attachment instanceof FileAttachment || attachment.getIsInline()) { attachments.putAll(extractFileAttachments(attachment, properties)); } else if (attachment instanceof ItemAttachment) { //ItemAttachment - Represents an Exchange item that is attached to another Exchange item. attachments.putAll(extractItemAttachments(service, attachment, properties, appendedBody)); } } } } else { log.debug("Email message does not have any attachments."); } //Extract File Attachments try { FileAttachment fileAttachment = (FileAttachment) attachment; // if we don't call this, the Content property may be null. fileAttachment.load(); //extract the attachment content, it's not base64 encoded. attachmentContent = fileAttachment.getContent(); if (attachmentContent != null && attachmentContent.length > 0) { //check the size int attachmentSize = attachmentContent.length; //check if the attachment is valid ValidateEmail.validateAttachment(fileAttachment, properties, emailIdentifier, attachmentSize); fileAttachments.put(UtilConstants.ATTACHMENT_SIZE, String.valueOf(attachmentSize)); //get attachment name String fileName = fileAttachment.getName(); fileAttachments.put(UtilConstants.ATTACHMENT_NAME, fileName); String mimeType = fileAttachment.getContentType(); fileAttachments.put(UtilConstants.ATTACHMENT_MIME_TYPE, mimeType); log.info("File Name: " + fileName + " File Size: " + attachmentSize); if (attachmentContent != null && attachmentContent.length > 0) { //convert the content to base64 encoded string and add to the collection. String base64Encoded = UtilFunctions.encodeToBase64(attachmentContent); fileAttachments.put(UtilConstants.ATTACHMENT_CONTENT, base64Encoded); } //Extract Item Attachment try { ItemAttachment itemAttachment = (ItemAttachment) attachment; PropertySet propertySet = new PropertySet( BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties, ItemSchema.Attachments, ItemSchema.Body, ItemSchema.Id, ItemSchema.DateTimeReceived, EmailMessageSchema.DateTimeReceived, EmailMessageSchema.Body); itemAttachment.load(); propertySet.setRequestedBodyType(BodyType.Text); Item item = itemAttachment.getItem(); eBody = appendItemBody(item, appendedBody.get(UtilConstants.BODY_CONTENT)); appendedBody.put(UtilConstants.BODY_CONTENT, eBody); /* * We need to check if Item attachment has further more * attachments like .msg attachment, which is an outlook email * as attachment. Yes, we can attach an email chain as * attachment and that email chain can have multiple * attachments. */ AttachmentCollection childAttachments = item.getAttachments(); //check if not empty collection. move on if (childAttachments != null && !childAttachments.getItems().isEmpty() && childAttachments.getCount() > 0) { for (Attachment childAttachment : childAttachments) { if (childAttachment instanceof FileAttachment) { itemAttachments.putAll(extractFileAttachments(childAttachment, properties, emailIdentifier)); } else if (childAttachment instanceof ItemAttachment) { itemAttachments = extractItemAttachments(service, childAttachment, properties, appendedBody, emailIdentifier); } } } } catch (Exception e) { throw new Exception("Exception while extracting Item Attachments: " + e.getMessage()); }