I want to stop pythoncom working


I was writing a code about keylogging by pyHook. The following codes are example:

import pythoncom as pc, pyHook as ph def KeyboardHook(event): print chr(event.Ascii) return True hm = ph.HookManager() hm.KeyDown = KeyboardHook hm.HookKeyboard() pc.PumpMessages()

I want to stop pythoncom's PumpMessages method for a while later (for example five seconds). But I couldn't find any answer to it.

I use: Windows 7, Python2.7

Thanks for answer.


You will have to use pythoncom.PumpWaitingMessages which is <strong>not</strong> blocking.

import pythoncom as pc, pyHook as ph import time def KeyboardHook(event): print chr(event.Ascii) return True hm = ph.HookManager() hm.KeyDown = KeyboardHook hm.HookKeyboard() while time.clock() < 5: pc.PumpWaitingMessages()


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