How to add console outputs Node.js app in the log access NGINX file?


I have an Node.js app setting up with systemd. The app running behind NGINX.<br /> I would like to add console output of my Node.js application in the log access NGINX file ?<br /> How can I do this ?

Thanks in advance.


More simple way is hook console.log and call console.log as usually.

var util = require('util'); var JFile = require("jfile"); var nxFile = new JFile('/var/log/nginx/access.log'); ... process.stdout.write = (function(write) { return function(text, encoding, fd) { write.apply(process.stdout, arguments); // write to console nxFile.text += util.format.apply(process.stdout, arguments) + '\n'; // write to nginx } })(process.stdout.write);

Also you can define hook to console.error by change stdout to strerr in code above.

P.S. I don't have nginx to verify code. So code can contains errors :)


Brief :

Using <a href="https://github.com/abdennour/jfile" rel="nofollow">JFile</a> package , file logging can be smooth as following :


Details :

Add function that logs on both (Terminal+nginx log) , then use it instead of using console.log directly :

var customLog=function(message){ console.log(message); logNginx(message); }

Then , implement <strong>logNginx</strong> which is called inside <strong>customLog</strong> :

var JFile=require('jfile'); // "npm install jfile --save" required let nxFile=new JFile('/var/log/nginx/access.log'); // check path before if exist in your system . IF no , change it with the available path function logNginx(message){ nxFile.text+='\n'+message; //append new line in nginx log file } <hr />

Don't forget to install JFile npm install jfile which makes handling files done quickly .


You can add the following code in your nginx script . This should work

env NODE_BIN=/usr/bin/node env SCRIPT_FILE="server.js" env LOG_FILE=/var/log/logfilename.log env RUN_AS="root" $RUN_AS -- $NODE_BIN $SCRIPT_FILE >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1


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