free memory outside a void function where it is allocated


I have a void function

void foo(int *ptr) { //trying to allocate memory to hold 5 ints ptr = malloc(sizeof(int)*5): //I loop ptr and assign each with a value i =0 to 4; }

In the main function I have this lines

int main() { int *num; //I called the function foo(&(num)); free(num); return 1; }

I get munmap_chunk() invalid pointer error. I did try to dig in more information, but I could not figure this out. I know it will be basic for those who work in c. I was thinking I am passing by reference and it should work, but it is not. I am new to C, and so far has been a headache.


ptr is a local variable, his lifetime ends with the function, you need a pointer to pointer in order to alter num in main

void foo(int **ptr) { //trying to allocate memory to hold 5 ints *ptr = malloc(sizeof(int)*5); //I look ptr and assign each with a value i =0 to 5; }


For starters the function foo is declared like

void foo(int *ptr); ^^^^^^^^

that is its parameter has type int *. While you are calling the function like

foo(&(num)); ^^^^^^

where its argument has type int ** because the variable num is declared like

int *num;

The compiler should at least issue a message that the types are not compatible.

You need to define the function the following way

void foo(int **ptr) { ^^^^^^^^^ //trying to allocate memory to hold 5 ints *ptr = malloc(sizeof(int)*5): ^^^^ //I loop ptr and assign each with a value i =0 to 4; }

In this case the function call will be correct and as the original pointer is passed by reference it will be changed after calling the function.

As for the original function definition

void foo(int *ptr) { //trying to allocate memory to hold 5 ints ptr = malloc(sizeof(int)*5): //I loop ptr and assign each with a value i =0 to 4; }

then its parameter is a local variable of the function that keeps a copy of the argument. Any changes of the local variable that is of the copy of the original argument does not influence on the original pointer itself. After exiting the function the local variable (parameter) ptr will be destroyed.


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