Using Reportlab Canvas- How to create an Option to print the pdf generated from the browser itself?


Here is the code which generates pdf for me using Reportlab.

Now, it just shows the pdf in the browser, and after including 'attachment' in the resonse.header ['Content-Disposition'], it downloads the pdf.

But what i want is the rint option which comes you in the browser, which even allows you to choose your printer. is it possible ?

data = "raghav" p = canvas.Canvas(self.response.out) p.drawString(50, 700, data) p.showPage() self.response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/pdf' self.response.headers['Content-Disposition'] = 'attachment;filename=testpdf.pdf' p.save()


according to <a href="http://blog.adlibre.org/2012/04/05/automatically-print-pdf-generated-reportlab/" rel="nofollow">http://blog.adlibre.org/2012/04/05/automatically-print-pdf-generated-reportlab/</a> you can add these two lines to get the desired result:

from reportlab.pdfbase import pdfdoc pdfdoc.PDFCatalog.OpenAction = '<</S/JavaScript/JS(this.print\({bUI:true,bSilent:false,bShrinkToFit:true}\);)>>'

hope it helps :)


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