determine the http status that will be sent in php


I am trying to write a test case for a class that is managing headers for my application. Among the headers it sends are http status headers. I am using headers_list() to see which headers would be send, were I to send headers now. The problem with headers_list() is that it does not include the http status header (although this seems to be undocumented on php.net). So, I cannot find a way to determine what http status would be sent. Even if I do send the headers (which I'm trying not to do, so I can test a bunch of different things all in one go), the status does not show up in headers_list(). Any ideas?

P.S. I realize I could do this by requesting the page and examining the response, but that makes it very difficult to keep tests at a <em>unit</em> level, so I'm trying to avoid it.


Either use a <a href="http://www.phpunit.de/manual/3.0/en/mock-objects.html" rel="nofollow">Mock</a> that returns the header but doesnt send it or write a Response object, e.g.

class HttpResponse { protected $_status = '200 OK'; protected $_headers = array(); protected $_body = null; public function setStatus($status) { $this->_status = $status; } public function getStatus() { return $this->_status; } public function addHeader($name, $value) { $this->_headers[$name] = $value; return $this; } public function getHeaders() { return $this->_headers; } public function write($data) { $this->_body .= $data; return $this; } public function send() { header('HTTP/1.0 ' . $this->_status); foreach ($this->headers as $name => $value) { header("$name : $value"); } echo $this->_body; $this->resetRequest(); } public function resetRequest() { $this->_status = '200 OK'; $this->_headers = array(); $this->_body = null; } }

So as long as you dont send() you can inspect the state through the getters. You could also add a __toString() method, that returns the Entire Response as a string and regex it to see if it looks like you expect it to look.


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