SQL search using Haversine in Doctrine


I want to do a search by coordinates, i.e. I want to have a function that works like this:

function getLocationsInCircle($lat, $long, $minDist, $maxDist){ //return all the places that are at least $minDist //kilometers away and no more than $maxDist kilometers away }

I have a "location" table that stores all location Ids and their latitude and longitude.

The haversine formula is good enough for what I want to do

6371 * ACOS(SIN(RADIANS( $lat )) * SIN(RADIANS( latitude )) + COS(RADIANS( $lat )) * COS(RADIANS( latitude )) * COS(RADIANS( longitude ) - RADIANS( $long )))

I just don't see how to run that query in Doctrine.


Try this :

Doctrine_query::create()->select('id') ->addSelect("(6371 * ACOS(SIN(RADIANS($latitude)) * SIN(RADIANS(l.latitude)) + COS(RADIANS($latitude)) * COS(RADIANS(l.latitude)) * COS(RADIANS(l.longitude) - RADIANS($longitude)))) as Distance") ->from('Location l') ->having("Distance > $minDist AND Distance < $maxDist");


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