Convert Word document [Multi Page] into JPEG File in C#


I want to convert the contents of word file [3 or 4 page document] into JPEG file in C#.

I have tried using clipboard option, but it is converting only the first page. Please help me.


i think that <a href="http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/" rel="nofollow">ghostscript</a> can output jpeg

so the process would be:

<ul><li>first configure a postscript printer (print to file as the printer port)</li> <li>print the msword document to a postscript file</li> <li>process that file with GhostScript, you have many output options here</li> </ul>

you can code the whole thing in C# <a href="http://www.mattephraim.com/blog/2009/07/08/introducing-ghostscriptsharp/" rel="nofollow">here is a wrapper for ghostscript in c#</a> ... and you could use COM interop to work with msword

this solution isn't the best for a public webserver though, as it would require msword to be installed

i have worked with excel before in this way (through COM interop on a webserver) to extract data ... but that was on an internal company webserver


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