filter and unfilter in dplyr


What would be the dplyr analog of performing the following operation in base R?

iris$Sepal.Length[iris$Sepal.Length>2] <- iris$Sepal.Length[iris$Sepal.Length>2] * 10

I am trying to use filter but cannot go back to the original data set (without a join)


You can use mutate with ifelse to get the same results as comments from @alistaire:

iris %>% mutate(Sepal.Length = ifelse(Sepal.Length > 2, Sepal.Length * 10, Sepal.Length))


If we are using data.table, we can avoid the ifelse and make it faster

library(data.table) as.data.table(iris)[Sepal.Length > 2, Sepal.Length := Sepal.Length * 10]


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