Use QrCodeWidget (or PlotArea) with platypus


My django app is using a multi-frames reportlab pdf report in witch I would like to add some barcodes/qr-codes.

The problem I have is that every object I add to my layout have to be a Flowable. So the question would be as to cast a PlotArea (mother class of QrCodeWidget) as Flowable.

If we have an answer here the error message we can get if we add the QrCodeWidget as

AttributeError: QrCodeWidget instance has no attribute 'getKeepWithNext'


Ok, I made my own Flowable, it was simpler than I taught.

It's as simple as doing it on a canva with this API.

from reportlab.platypus import Flowable from reportlab.graphics.barcode import qr from reportlab.graphics import renderPDF from reportlab.graphics.shapes import Drawing class QRFlowable(Flowable): # usage : # story.append(QRFlowable("http://google.fr")) def __init__(self, qr_value): # init and store rendering value Flowable.__init__(self) self.qr_value = qr_value def wrap(self, availWidth, availHeight): # optionnal, here I ask for the biggest square available self.width = self.height = min(availWidth, availHeight) return self.width, self.height def draw(self): # here standard and documented QrCodeWidget usage on # Flowable canva qr_code = qr.QrCodeWidget(self.qr_value) bounds = qr_code.getBounds() qr_width = bounds[2] - bounds[0] qr_height = bounds[3] - bounds[1] w = float(self.width) d = Drawing(w, w, transform=[w/qr_width, 0, 0, w/qr_height, 0, 0]) d.add(qr_code) renderPDF.draw(d, self.canv, 0, 0)


You should generate an image from your QrCodeWidget and include that in an Image flowable.


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