Split the string. get first value of split SQL Server 2005


I have a table called TableReason with a column called Reason.

Reason datatype is varchar(100) and contains values like this 2,-2,22,33,0,2 for one row

I need to write an update statement for this table to accomplish: only need first value of split with comma, ie. 2 only needed.

update TableReason set reason=--please help me on this.


... set reason=CASE CHARINDEX(',', reason) WHEN 0 THEN reason WHEN 1 THEN '' ELSE LEFT(reason, CHARINDEX(',', reason)-1) END

This deals with the 3 cases of

<ul><li>no comma</li> <li>first character is a comma</li> <li>a number followed by a comma</li> </ul>


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