RegSetValueEx Only shows writes first character


In the following code, RegSetValueEx is only writing the first letter of my string. I've tried changing the sizes to just about anything I can think of, and I only ever get the first string. Any help is appreciated.

LPCWSTR path = L"Test String"; size_t size = wclsen(path) * sizeof(wchar_t); DWORD dwResult = RegSetValueEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\\My App", 0, REG_SZ, (LPBYTE)path, test);

I've tried using path.size() * sizeof(wchar_t) and any number of other sizes I could think of, but nothing seems to work right. Any ideas?


RegSetValueEx() expects REG_SZ data to be provided as const TCHAR*, which in your case is const CHAR* per your compiler settings - as evident by the fact that you are able to pass a char* to the second parameter, which means you are actually calling RegSetValueExA(). Since you are providing a const WCHAR* to RegSetValueExA(), the first 0x00 byte gets interpreted as a null terminator, hence only a single character value gets written.

Your options are:


RegSetValueExW(..., (const BYTE*) path, ...

</li> <li>

CString sPath(path); RegSetValueEx(..., (const BYTE*) (LPCTSTR) sPath, ...

</li> <li>

Switch project settings to Unicode build

</li> </ol>


Sounds like you haven't defined UNICODE/_UNICODE before compiling, so the zero-byte in your wide string is being interpreted as signaling the end of the string.

Try using RegSetValueExW (and L"SOFTWARE\\My App") instead.


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