Is There any Performance Difference in the Ways of Writing a jQuery Plugin?


I'm curious, what are the (performance) differences in the ways that you can write a jQuery plugin, if any?

I've seen it done a couple of ways:

<strong>1. Using $.extend():</strong>

(function($){ $.fn.extend({ newPlugin: function(){ return this.each(function(){ }); } }); })(jQuery);

<strong>2. Your own function:</strong>

(function($){ $.fn.newPlugin = function(){ return this.each(function(){ }); } })(jQuery);

IMHO the second way is a bit cleaner and easier to work with, but seems like there could be some advantage to writing it with $.extend()? Or am I over-thinking this, there is no discernible difference and it's just a matter of personal preference?

(I would have thought this would have been asked before, but I can't find it -- if it's out there, please direct me to it)


well, consider that when you do $.extend you're calling this method:

jQuery.extend = jQuery.fn.extend = function() { // copy reference to target object var target = arguments[0] || {}, i = 1, length = arguments.length, deep = false, options, name, src, copy; // Handle a deep copy situation if ( typeof target === "boolean" ) { deep = target; target = arguments[1] || {}; // skip the boolean and the target i = 2; } // Handle case when target is a string or something (possible in deep copy) if ( typeof target !== "object" && !jQuery.isFunction(target) ) { target = {}; } // extend jQuery itself if only one argument is passed if ( length === i ) { target = this; --i; } for ( ; i < length; i++ ) { // Only deal with non-null/undefined values if ( (options = arguments[ i ]) != null ) { // Extend the base object for ( name in options ) { src = target[ name ]; copy = options[ name ]; // Prevent never-ending loop if ( target === copy ) { continue; } // Recurse if we're merging object literal values or arrays if ( deep && copy && ( jQuery.isPlainObject(copy) || jQuery.isArray(copy) ) ) { var clone = src && ( jQuery.isPlainObject(src) || jQuery.isArray(src) ) ? src : jQuery.isArray(copy) ? [] : {}; // Never move original objects, clone them target[ name ] = jQuery.extend( deep, clone, copy ); // Don't bring in undefined values } else if ( copy !== undefined ) { target[ name ] = copy; } } } } // Return the modified object return target; };

but when you're calling $.fn.newPlugin, you're simply appending (or possibly overwriting) data on jQuery's prototype object, which is pretty much the exact same thing that $.fn.extend is doing anyways...

seems pretty self-explanatory which method has less overhead (the latter).


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