LINQ - join 2 datatables - wildcard


I am using LINQ to join 2 datatables. I am trying to get back only 1 field from dtTable2 and all the fields from dtTable1. When this code executes, I have two columns. The first column contains the value from dtTable2.field2 and the second column has the value "System.Data.DataRow". I know that if I explicitly specify the columns in dtTable1, I will have the results that I need. Is it possible to specify a wildcard to get all the columns from dtTable1?

Dim results = _ From r In dtTable1.AsEnumerable _ Join c In dtTable2.AsEnumerable _ On c.Field1 Equals r.Field1 _ Select c.field2, r Datagridview.datasource = results.ToList


No. You'll need to list the properties that you want or reference the properties from the row object. Note that if this is a strongly-typed row you can cast it to the type and use the fields directly in your code.

Dim results = _ From r In dtTable1.AsEnumerable _ Join c In dtTable2.AsEnumerable _ On c.Field1 Equals r.Field1 _ Select c.field2, r.Field1, r.Field3, r.Field4 Datagridview.datasource = results.ToList


It's a trifle awkward, but you can do it with a List object and Concat. I'm not familiar enough with VB to give you the correct syntax, but here's the C#

var results = from r in dtTable1.AsEnumerable() join c in dtTable2.AsEnumerable() on c.Field1 equals r.Field1 select new List<object>(r.ItemArray).Concat(new List<object>() { c.Field2 }) datagridview.DataSource = results;


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