python sort OrderedDict keys chronologically


I have the following OrderedDict:

from collections import OrderedDict a = OrderedDict() a['2016:April'] = 1 a['2016:January'] = 2 a['2017:February'] = 3 a['2015:November'] = 4

I would like to sort the dictionary by the keys in chronological order so that the result is:

OrderedDict([('2015:November', 4), ('2016:January', 2), ('2016:April', 1), ('2017:February', 3)])


You need to recreate the OrderedDict by passing sorted items; (OrderedDict remembers key insertion order)

import calendar from collections import OrderedDict months = {calendar.month_name[i]: i for i in range(1, 13)} # => {'January': 1, 'February': 2, .... 'December': 12} def get_month_from_key(item): # Convert '2015:November' to (2015, 11) # Return value of this function is used to compare dictionary keys. year, month = item[0].split(':') # item[0] is key return int(year), months.get(month, -1) a = OrderedDict() a['2016:April'] = 1 a['2016:January'] = 2 a['2017:February'] = 3 a['2015:November'] = 4 a = OrderedDict(sorted(a.items(), key=get_month_from_key)) # => OrderedDict([('2015:November', 4), ('2016:January', 2), # ('2016:April', 1), ('2017:February', 3)])


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