How to change string columns size for all columns in pandas hdfstore?


How can the min_itemsize for <strong>all</strong> string columns be changed in a hdf5 table? I don't know my dataframe structure during run time, and thus can not hardcode it.


see the docs <a href="http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/dev/io.html#string-columns" rel="nofollow">here</a>.

The itemsize is created on the first append (and cannot be changed later). If min_itemsize is not specified it will be the max length of strings in that append.

In [1]: df = DataFrame({ 'A' : ['foo','bar']}) In [2]: store = pd.HDFStore('test.h5',mode='w') In [3]: store.append('df',df,min_itemsize=30) In [4]: store.get_storer('df') Out[4]: frame_table (typ->appendable,nrows->2,ncols->1,indexers->[index]) In [5]: store.get_storer('df').table Out[5]: /df/table (Table(2,)) '' description := { "index": Int64Col(shape=(), dflt=0, pos=0), "values_block_0": StringCol(itemsize=30, shape=(1,), dflt='', pos=1)} byteorder := 'little' chunkshape := (1724,) autoindex := True colindexes := { "index": Index(6, medium, shuffle, zlib(1)).is_csi=False} In [8]: store['df'] Out[8]: A 0 foo 1 bar In [6]: store.close()


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