Using a promise for retrieving data inside angular directive


I am working on hiding or showing elements based on user role from an api. The directive works when I set the data.roleName in the code but when I try to set it by I service I need to resolve a promise before loading the rest of the directive though I keep getting "cannot read property of undefined errors Here's the code.


app.directive('restrictTo', ['SecuritySvc', function (SecuritySvc) { return { restrict: 'EA', replace: true, transclude: true, scope: {}, controller: ['$scope', '$attrs', '$q', 'SecuritySvc', function ($scope, $attrs, $q, SecuritySvc) { var defer = $q.defer(); defer.promise.then(function ($scope, SecuritySvc) { $scope.data = SecuritySvc.getRole(); }); defer.resolve(); if ($scope.data.roleName == $attrs.restrictTo) { $scope.allowed = true; } else { $scope.allowed = false; } console.log($scope.data); }], template: '<div ng-show="{{ $scope.allowed }}" ng-transclude></div>' } }]);


<div restrict-to="customer"> <div class="hero-unit">


Hello, valued customer

</div> </div> <div restrict-to="Admin"> <div class="hero-unit">

Admin Tools

This shouldn't be visible right now

</div> </div>


If you dont want to use Q/defer and are using $resource you can do it this way:

app.directive('restrictTo', ['SecuritySvc', function (SecuritySvc) { return { restrict: 'AE', replace: true, transclude: true, scope: {}, controller: ['$scope', '$attrs', 'SecuritySvc', function ($scope, $attrs, SecuritySvc) { $scope.allowed = false; SecuritySvc.getMyRole().$promise.then(function (data,attrs) { if (data.roleName == $attrs.restrictTo) { $scope.allowed = true; } else { $scope.allowed = false; } }); }], template: '<div ng-show="allowed" ng-transclude></div>' };



Not sure what your SecuritySvc is or returns. I think you should do it in a way like this:

var defer = $q.defer(); defer.resolve(SecuritySvc.getRole()); defer.promise.then(function (data) { $scope.data = data; if ($scope.data.roleName == $attrs.restrictTo) { $scope.allowed = true; } else { $scope.allowed = false; } console.log($scope.data); });


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