How to link a node with a next node in Java [closed]


I will begin by creating the head node:

Node head = new Node();

To link head node to the next node. I will assign to the field of type Node in node object

The zero is to represent the number of the node. This node is number zero.

Node node = new Node(0,head); public class Node { private Object data; private Node next; public Node() { data = null; next = null; } public Node(Object x) { data = x; next = null; } public Node(Object x, Node nextNode) { data = x; next = nextNode; } }

Is this the proper way to link nodes together?


The way I normally see is using a LinkedList.

public class Node { public Object data; public Node next = null; Node(data) { this.data = data; } } class LinkedList{ public Node head = null; public Node end = null; void insert(Object data) { if(head == null) { head = new Node(data); end = head; } else { end.next = new Node(data); end = end.next; } } }

This is used as follows:

LinkedList= new LinkedList(); list.insert(2); list.insert(3); list.head;


In Java you refer to all objects via references (i.e., pointers). The only time you deal with actual values is with primitive types.

So doing next = nextNode causes next to point to the same location that nextNode points to.

<strong>TL;DR;</strong> Yes. :)


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