convert pointer to shared_ptr


I have some library code (I cannot not change the source code) that returns a pointer to an object (B). I would like to store this pointer as shared_ptr under a class with this type of constructor:

class A { public: A(boost::shared_ptr<B> val); ... private: boost::shared_ptr<B> _val; ... }; int main() { B *b = SomeLib(); A a(b); //?? delete b; ... }

That is, I would like to make a deep-copy of b and control its life-time under a (even if original b is deleted (delete b), I still have an exact copy under a).

I'm new to this, sorry if it seems trivial...


As you say, you have to copy them not just copy a pointer. So either B already has implemented 'clone' method or you have to implement some external B* copy(B* b) which will create new B with same state.

In case B has implemented copy constructor you can implement copy as just

B* copyOf(B* b) { return new B(*b); }

In case B has implemented <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prototype_pattern" rel="nofollow">clone method or similar</a> you can implement copy as

B* copyOf(B* b) { return b->clone(); }

and then your code will look like

int main() { B *b = SomeLib(); A a(copyOf(b)); delete b; ... }


If the library defines this B object, the library should provide (or outright prohibit) the mechanism for copying B.

As a sidenote,

If your class A is exclusively controlling the lifetime of this copied object, the smart pointer you really want to use is boost::scoped_ptr.

boost::shared_ptr is named after its ability to share lifetime responsibility, which it sounds like you don't want. scoped_ptr won't let that accidentally happen.


Deep-copying is implemented trivially in C++ by the copy constructor since in C++, <em>all</em> objects have value semantics by default. Copying in such a way doesn't work for polymorphous objects though – in such cases, you'd have to implement a virtually overridden clone method in your class.

But in all other cases, simply writing

A(boost::shared_ptr<B> val) : _val(new B(*val)) { }

will do.


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