CSS :before content two colors


I have a structured semantic data that I would like to display, styling it with CSS. Here is a sample:

...<user name="John">...</user>...

I would like it to be rendered like this:

... User John ... ...

If I wanted 'User' and 'John' to have the same color, I could use the following CSS:

user:before{ content: 'User ' attr(name); }

However, I want 'User' to be blue, and 'John' to be red. How can I achieve this with CSS?

P.S. I don't want to transform my data representation. I know I could easily get such formatting by transforming the data to have extra divs, etc, but I would like to display my pure semantic data directly in the form it is.


If the user element is empty, you could use the following CSS:

user::before {content:"User "; color:blue;} user::after {content:attr(name); color:red;}

If the user element contains content, you may use:

user::before {content:"User "; color:blue; float:left; margin-right:0.5em;} user::after {content:attr(name); color:red; float:left; margin-right:0.5em;}

(using float to get the element content behind the "User John" string; using margin to get whitespace between the words; there are probably neater ways to fix those things)


You can't style <em>part</em> of content of :before pseudo differently in CSS. You need an extra element (like a span) somewhere. :first-letter and :first-line (and content of :before as a whole) are exceptions to that but that's not what you want to achieve.


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