LINQ - Complex Sorting


I am querying a table of Order elements with LINQ (C#). Each Order has the following fields:

- ID - OpenDate - PriorityID - StatusID - Description

The StatusID field maps to a Status table. The Status table is structured as:

- ID - Name

I need to get all of the Order objects sorted by their Priority and Status. I can successfully get the Order objects sorted by Priority. I'm doing this via the following:

List<Order> orders = new List<Order>(); using (DBDataContext context = new DBDataContext()) { orders = (from o in context.Orders orderby (o.PriorityID.HasValue ? o.PriorityID : Int32.MaxValue) ascending select o).ToList(); }

But my problem is factoring in the Status.

Once the order objects have been sorted by priority, I need to sort the Order objects in the following order of Status: Cancelled, Open, In-Route, and Delivered. Significantly, The IDs of these Status values are firmly set in a random, non-helpful order. I cannot alter them. As you can tell, I can't sort the status by alphbetical name either. In addition, I can't add any fields to my database. Can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem in LINQ?

Thank you!


I think you have solution to this by implement IComparer and use Linq to order it. Since your Status is not in numeric nor alphabet order.

public class CustomComparer : IComparer<Status> { public int Compare(Status statusA, Status statusB) { if (statusA.StatusName == "Cancelled" && statusB.StatusName == "Cancelled") { return 0; // equals } else if (statusA.StatusName == "Cancelled" && statusB.StatusName != "Cancelled") { return 1; // A > B } .... } }


orders.OrderBy(x => x.Status, new CustomComparer())

Hope this helps.


As long as the list of statuses are going to be consistent, you could create a string such as "COID", and compare two statuses based on "COID".indexOf(firstletterofstatus). Maybe not the best software practice, but it would work.


If it's not going to a long list (i.e. it will reasonably fit in memory), you could sort client side with a mapping between statuses and relative orders:

int StatusOrder(Status status) { switch(status.Id) { case 1: return 5; case 2: return 1; case 4: return 3; //etc } } List<Order> orders; //no need to create a list here using (DBDataContext context = new DBDataContext()) { orders = (from o in context.Orders orderby (o.PriorityID.HasValue ? o.PriorityID : Int32.MaxValue) ascending, SorderOrder(o.Status) select o).ToList(); }


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