What's the fastest way to partition a sas dataset for batch processing?


I have a large sas dataset (1.5m obs, ~250 variables) that I need to split into several smaller sas datasets of equal size for batch processing. Each dataset needs to contain all the variables but only a fraction of the obs. What is the fastest way of doing this?


You could do something like the following:

%macro splitds(inlib=,inds=,splitnum=,outid=); proc sql noprint; select nobs into :nobs from sashelp.vtable where libname=upcase("&inlib") and memname=upcase("&inds"); quit; %put Number of observations in &inlib..&inds.: &nobs; data %do i=1 %to &splitnum.; &outid.&i %end;; set &inds.; %do j=1 %to (&splitnum.-1); %if &j.=1 %then %do; if %end; %else %do; else if %end; _n_<=((&nobs./&splitnum.)*&j.) then output &outid.&j.; %end; else output &outid.&splitnum.; run; %mend;

An example call to split MYLIB.MYDATA into 10 data sets named NEWDATA1 - NEWDATA10 would be:



Try this. I haven't tested yet, so expect a bug somewhere. You will need to edit the macro call to BATCH_PROCESS to include the names of the datasets, number of new data sets, etc.

%macro nobs (dsn); %local nobs dsid rc; %let nobs=0; %let dsid = %sysfunc(open(&dsn)); %if &dsid %then %do; %let nobs = %sysfunc(attrn(&dsid,NOBS)); %end; %else %put Open for dataset &dsn failed - %sysfunc(sysmsg()); %let rc = %sysfunc(close(&dsid)); &nobs %mend nobs; %macro batch_process(dsn_in,dsn_out_prefix,number_of_dsns); %let dsn_obs = &nobs(&dsn_in); %let obs_per_dsn = %sysevalf(&dsn_obs / &number_of_dsns); data %do i = 1 %to &number_of_dsns; &dsn_out_prefix.&i %end; ; set &dsn_in; drop _count; retain _count 0; _count = _count + 1; %do i = 1 %to &number_of_dsns; if (1 + ((&i - 1) * &obs_per_dsn)) <= _count <= (&i * &obs_per_dsn) then do; output &dsn_out_prefix.&i; end; %end; run; %mend batch_process; %batch_process( dsn_in=DSN_NAME , dsn_out_prefix = PREFIX_ , number_of_dsns = 5 );


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