How to prevent commit in detached HEAD


Why does git allow you to commit to a detached head? Is there any pre commit hook that can disable it? What is the purpose? Many new developers do this and I'd like to find a way to disable it.


This can be only prevented by a local git pre-commit hook, so developers would need to create it. Add the your-local-project/.git/hooks/pre-commit file with the following contents:

#!/bin/sh if ! git symbolic-ref HEAD &> /dev/null; then echo "You are in a detached head state! Commit has been blocked. (Use --no-verify to bypass this check.)" exit 1 fi

Make sure it's executable. <a href="https://gist.github.com/svachalek/5437407" rel="nofollow">Credits go to svachalek</a>

Why should git prevent commiting in detached HEAD? Detached HEAD means <em>only</em> that there is no pointer to the repository state you are working on. It assumes that you know what you are doing.

I would rather investigate why <em>many developers</em> in your team enter this state? Maybe they apply some weird worklow?


git checkout $commit-sha1 can lead to a detached HEAD. So does git checkout FETCH_HEAD. A detached HEAD could be considered as a branch without a name. If it does not confuse you, you could just ignore it. As @fracz said, you could prevent it by pre-commit. You could also make it a branch with a name with git checkout -b some_name. A post-checkout hook may help you to detect the detached HEAD state and make it a branch.


Git uses this internally for many operations. The detached HEAD mode simply gets you on the (one, single, special) anonymous branch, and the anonymous branch can be given a name later.

This is, for instance, how git rebase manages to copy the commits from their original chain to a new chain. First it checks out the --onto target commit (--onto defaults to the <upstream>) using this detached HEAD mode. Then, for each commit that is to be copied, it copies that commit (with git cherry-pick or something equivalent: the details vary depending on interactive vs non-interactive rebase, and if interactive, many more details). Last, it moves the existing branch label so that it points to the final copied commit.


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