How do i reverse JSON in JavaScript?


[ {"task":"test","created":"/Date(1291676980607)/"}, {"task":"One More Big Test","created":"/Date(1291677246057)/"}, {"task":"New Task","created":"/Date(1291747764564)/"} ]

I looked on here, and someone had the same sort of question, but the "checked" correct answer was that it will be different on IE if the item is deleted, which would be fine. My issue is, those items above are stored, but when i go and grab them, iterate, and return, the items are reversed and the created is at the 0 index and task is at 1. Also, i need to return this as JSON.

Here is my basic JS (value == an <em>int</em> the user is passing in):

outputJSON = {}; for(x in json[value]){ outputJSON[x] = _objectRevival(json[value][x]); } return outputJSON;

That returns:

created: Mon Dec 06 2010 15:09:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) task: "test"


The order of the properties of an object is undefined. It is not possible to force them in a specified order. If you need them in a specific order, you can build this structure reliably using arrays:

var values = [ [["task", "test"], ["created", "/Date(1291676980607)/"]], [["task", "One More Big Test"], ["created", "/Date(1291677246057)/"]], [["task", "New Task"], ["created", "/Date(1291747764564)/"]] ];

Then you can iterate over your structure like this:

for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++) { for (var k = 0; k < values[i]; k++) { // values[i][k][0] contains the label (index 0) // values[i][k][1] contains the value (index 1) } }


To enforce a particular order for your output just replace json[value] in your for loop with an array of the object properties in the order you want to display them, in your case ["task", "created"].


The problem is that javascript objects don't store their properties in a specific order. Arrays on the other do (hence why you can get something consistent from json[0], json[1], json[2]).

If your objects will always have "task" and "created", then you can get at them in any order you want.




<strong>Update:</strong> This should work with your existing code. Before sending the json object:

var before = [ {"task":"test","created":"/Date(1291676980607)/"}, {"task":"One More Big Test","created":"/Date(1291677246057)/"}, {"task":"New Task","created":"/Date(1291747764564)/"} ]; var order = []; for (var name in before[0]) { order.push(name); // puts "task", then "created" into order (for this example) }

Then send your json off to the server. Later when you get the data back from the server:

var outputJSON = {}; for (var x in order) { if (order.hasOwnProperty(x)) { outputJSON[order[x]] = _objectRevival(json[value][order[x]]); // I'm not sure what _objectRevival is...do you need it? } } return outputJSON;


var items = ["bag", "book", "pen", "car"]; items.reverse();

This will result in the following output:

car , pen, book, bag

Even if you have JSON array it will reverse.


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