Displaying JSON data in drop-down in AngularJS


my document.json file contains data like

[ {"name" :"B"}, {"name" :"A"}, {"name" :"D"}, {"name" :"E"} ]

when i try to display the json data in drop-down list, the last element E only displayed in drop down .my html file like

<select ng-model="selectedTestAccount" ng-options="c as c.name for c in testAccounts"></select>

and my script file like

sampleApp.controller('DemoCtrl', function ($scope, $http) { $scope.selectedTestAccount = null; $scope.testAccounts = []; $http.get('document.json').success(function (data) { $scope.testAccounts = data; }); });

How can i display this document.json data in drop-down list with default selected as first element in AngularJS. Any guidelines please


Your JSON isn't quite right. You need to have braces around each item, like this:

[ { "name" :"B" }, { "name" :"A" }, { "name" :"D" }, { "name" :"E" } ]

You can select the first item in the dropdown by default like this:

$scope.selectedTestAccount = $scope.testAccounts[0];

<a href="http://plnkr.co/edit/URgRU52sslPvSHutCmpt?p=preview" rel="nofollow">Demo</a>


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