Select radio buttons with scrapy


How would i go about selection radio buttons with scrapy?

I am trying to select the following

formdata={'rd1':'E'} does not work <input type="radio" name="rd1" value="E" checked="checked" />Employee <input type="radio" name="rd2" value="o" />Other


You could use <a href="http://lxml.de/cssselect.html" rel="nofollow">lxml.cssselector</a> to select the radio buttons.

>>> import lxml.html >>> from lxml.cssselect import CSSSelector >>> str = """ ... '<input type="radio" name="rd1" value="E" checked="checked" />Employee ... <input type="radio" name="rd2" value="o" />Other' ... """ >>> input_sel = CSSSelector('input[name="rd1"]') >>> lx = lxml.html.fromstring(str) >>> input_sel(lx) [<InputElement b7e7665c name='rd1' type='radio'>]


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