Laravel Delete/Forget Cookie not working


How do you a delete cookies in Laravel. This is not working:

public function logout(Request $request) { $this->guard()->logout(); $request->session()->flush(); $request->session()->regenerate(); Cookie::queue(Cookie::forget('cavpad')); Cookie::queue(Cookie::forget('cavuser')); return redirect('/');


This works, but seems the wrong way to do it:

Cookie::queue(Cookie::make('cavpad', '', 0, null, env('APP_DOMAIN'))); Cookie::queue(Cookie::make('cavuser', '', 0, null, env('APP_DOMAIN')));

Why does the first way not work, but the second way does... btw, has nothing to do with the env()... Just added that in there...


You can do this by using the code I provided, it's pretty much the same, but I know that this way of doing it works for me. But if you need to do it inline, this might also work for you:

Cookie::queue( Cookie::forget('cookieName') );

This is how I think it should be done.


Try redirecting like this:

return redirect('/')->withCookie(Cookie::forget('cavpad'))->withCookie(Cookie::forget('cavuser'));


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