Rxjs - only the first observer can see data from observable.share()


I have some code snippet as following

var videosNeedFix = Rx.Observable.fromArray(JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("videoEntries.json"))).share(); videosNeedFix.count().subscribe(function(count){ //subscrption A console.log(count + " in total"); }); videosNeedFix.subscribe(function(videoEntry){ //subscription B console.log(videoEntry.id, videoEntry.name, videoEntry.customFields); });

The videoEntries.json is a JSON-serialized array of videoEntry object. I'm expecting both subscription A and subscription B to receive the data emitted by videosNeedFix observable.

However, according to the console log, only the subscription A will receive data but not the subscriptionB. If I swap the order of making the two subscriptions, only subscriptionB will see the data. How come the observable only emits data to the first subscription?


This is a good use case (and maybe the only - see <a href="http://davesexton.com/blog/post/To-Use-Subject-Or-Not-To-Use-Subject.aspx" rel="nofollow">To Use Subject Or Not To Use Subject?</a>) for a Rx.Subject

Consider the following example. This code (with .delay() hack mentioned in the comments) will work, but seems a bit hacky to me:

let stream$ = Rx.Observable .return(updatesObj) .map(obj => Object.assign({}, obj.localData, obj.updates)) .delay(1) //Hacky way of making it work .share() stream$ .flatMap(obj => Observable.fromPromise(AsyncStorage.setItem('items', JSON.stringify(obj)))) .catch(Observable.return(false)) .subscribe() stream$ .subscribe(obj => dispatch(dataIsReady(obj)))

Example with Rx.Subjects:

let subjS = new Rx.Subject() let stream$ = subjS .map(obj => Object.assign({}, obj.localData, obj.updates)) .share() stream$ .flatMap(obj => Observable.fromPromise(AsyncStorage.setItem('items', JSON.stringify(obj)))) .catch(Observable.return(false)) .subscribe() stream$ .subscribe(obj => dispatch(dataIsReady(obj))) subjS.onNext(updatesObj)


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