QT: QXmlStreamReader always returns “Premature End of Document” error


I have strange issue with Qt QXmlStreamReader. I'am trying to parse simple document (note: it is generated using QXmlStreamWriter):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <tex> <used_by/> <facade> <tags> <town_related></town_related> <zone_related></zone_related> <visual_related></visual_related> <kind_related></kind_related> <other>flamingo</other> </tags> <additional_textures> <id>flamingo_top.psd</id> </additional_textures> </facade> </tex>

Using this code:

QFile file(filename); if (file.open(QFile::ReadOnly | QFile::Text)) { QXmlStreamReader xmlReader(&file); while (xmlReader.readNextStartElement()) { /* same issue when uncommented: if (xmlReader.name() == "tex") t->readXml(xmlReader);//parse texture else*/ xmlReader.skipCurrentElement(); } if (xmlReader.hasError()) emit reportError(xmlReader.errorString()); } ...

And it always reports error "Premature end of document". Why? When debbuging, it seems, to all elements are parsed or skipped correctly.


I verified the behavior of your code. Indeed, it seems that readNextStartElement() does not correctly check for end of document. It only checks for start/end element to return its value, so if reading past the end of document, its internal call to readNext raises "premature end".

For a quick fix try checking for end of document yourself using readNext(), eg.:

while (!xml.atEnd()) { if (xml.readNext() != QXmlStreamReader::EndDocument) { if (xml.isStartElement()) std::cout << qPrintable(xml.name().toString()) << std::endl; } } if (xml.hasError()) std::cout << (xml.errorString().toUtf8().constData()) << std::endl;


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