Troubles in running STIP (Space-Time Interest Points) in windows


I'v downloaded the windows version of STIP (space-time interest points) named stip-1.1.-winlinux.zip

I'm trying to run it from Matlab using the command:

system('bin\stipdet.exe -f data\walk-simple.avi -o data\walk-simple-stip2.txt');

But I'm getting the following error: "Could not initialize capturing from data\walk-simple.avi... "

It seems that it somehow trying to capture a video from the camera instead of using the input file.

I'm working on windows8 with Matlab 2013a. I already added all the dll's needed in order to run the package. The input file exist, so that certainly not the problem.

Has anyone managed to run in on windows? Any help will be greatly values as I'm quite stuck and really have no idea how to solve it.




Install the Xvid codec, not the DivX codec


Installing XVid codecs worked for me. <a href="https://www.xvid.com/download/" rel="nofollow">https://www.xvid.com/download/</a>

Also needs OpenCV 1.0 for correct .dlls <a href="http://opencv.org/downloads.html" rel="nofollow">http://opencv.org/downloads.html</a>


try installing DivX video codec .


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