Go: serve CSS files with gorilla mux


I have this directory structure and I'm using Gorilla mux:

Directory structure

twitter layout stylesheets log.css log.html twitter.go

Following the advice here: <a href="http://www.shakedos.com/2014/Feb/08/serving-static-files-with-go.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.shakedos.com/2014/Feb/08/serving-static-files-with-go.html</a> I did this:

var router = mux.NewRouter() func ServeStatic(router *mux.Router, staticDirectory string) { staticPaths := map[string]string{ "styles": staticDirectory + "stylesheets", } for pathName, pathValue := range staticPaths { pathPrefix := "/" + pathName + "/" router.PathPrefix(pathPrefix).Handler(http.StripPrefix(pathPrefix, http.FileServer(http.Dir(pathValue)))) } } var staticDirectory = "/layout/" func main() { (//other code) ServeStatic(router, staticDirectory) }

Still I can't link the CSS file. What am I doing wrong?



I added this in func main()



You can do this in a easier way without adding the extra line in main():

inside ServeStatic: add this: "."+ before pathValue

router.PathPrefix(pathPrefix).Handler(http.StripPrefix(pathPrefix, http.FileServer(http.Dir("."/pathValue))))


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