Not able to get tooltip text using Selenium WebDriver


I have 5 tooltips in page. Using WebDriver, I am trying to verify these tooltip text.

I am using following code sequentially to get the tooltip text of all 5 elements:

Actions builder = new Actions(WebDriver); builder.ClickAndHold(Element1).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element1ToolTip.text); builder.ClickAndHold(Element2).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element2ToolTip.text); builder.ClickAndHold(Element3).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element3ToolTip.text);

The issue is I get only the tooltip text of first element printed in console. Is it because I need to refresh or reset the builder?

It's really weird when I delete the code for 1st element , then I can get tooltip text of 2nd element. So, basically it is getting tooltip text only once in single execution.


Verify tool tip by comparing "title" attribute of the web element and your expected tool tip text.

Console.WriteLine(Element1.GetAttribute("title")); Console.WriteLine(Element2.GetAttribute("title"));


Tool tip text for input elements would be the title attributes and for images, alt attribute would be the tool tip.This is the standard for HTML 4, so I am not sure if you need to do hover and all.

Console.WriteLine(InputElement1.GetAttribute("title")); Console.WriteLine(ImageElement1.GetAttribute("alt"));

<a href="http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/toolmsg.shtml" rel="nofollow">http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/toolmsg.shtml</a>


I think, it needs to release from element as:


So, your code could be as below:

Actions builder = new Actions(WebDriver); builder.ClickAndHold(Element1).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element1ToolTip.text); builder.release(Element1).perform(); builder.ClickAndHold(Element2).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element2ToolTip.text); builder.release(Element2).perform(); builder.ClickAndHold(Element3).Perform(); Console.WriteLine(Element3ToolTip.text); builder.release(Element3).perform();


I am facing the same issue , i checked the view source page on running the test and it appears that the title attribute is displayed as data-original-title.Due to which it is unable to display the text.On replacing the title with data-original-title . I am able to obtain text.


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