boost bind class function pointer


class Foo { double f1( int x, std::string s1 ); double f2( int x, SomeClass s2 ); }

I want to be able to bind Foo.f1's s1 without an instance of foo to create in essense

typedef double (Foo::* MyFooFunc)( int ) MyFooFunc func1 = boost::bind( &Foo::f1, _1, _2, "some string" ); MyFooFunc func2 = boost::bind( &Foo::f2, _1, _2, SomeClass );

Then I pass func1 and func2 as parameters to other functions, inside which Foo is finally bound:

void SomeOtherFunction( MyFooFunc func ) { Foo foo; boost::function< double (int) > finalFunc = boost::bind( func, foo, _1 ); }

Questions: Is this possible? If yes, 1) how to achieve it? 2) What's the declaration of MyFooFunc?


typedef double (Foo::* MyFooFunc)( int ); MyFooFunc func1 = boost::bind( &Foo::f1, _1, _2, "some string" );

The result of boost::bind is not a pointer to member, so func1 cannot be initialized as such on the second line. The result of boost::bind is an unspecified type (which will depend on the parameters). If you're using C++0x, the simplest way to name the result of a call to bind is to use auto:

auto func1 = boost::bind( &Foo::f1, _1, _2, "some string" );

Another simple way (not restricted to C++03) is simply to not name the result, but to use it on the spot:

SomeOtherFunction(boost::bind(&Foo::f1, _1, _2, "some string"));

Or, you can use type-erasure to store the result of boost::bind into a boost::function, which you seem to be familiar with. boost::function<double(Foo&, int)> is a possibility but not the only choice.

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We now need to find the appropriate signature for SomeOtherFunction: again, a pointer to member can't be initialized from the result of a call to boost::bind, so void SomeOtherFunction(MyFooFunc func); won't work. You can make the function a template instead:

template<typename Func> void SomeOtherFunction( Func func ) { Foo foo; boost::function< double (int) > finalFunc = boost::bind( func, foo, _1 ); }

If a template is not preferrable, then you must use some kind of type-erasure such as, again, boost::function.

void SomeOtherFunction(boost::function<double(Foo&, int)> const& func);

(once again other boost::function types are possible depending on details such as passing a ref-to-const as opposed to a ref-to-non-const)


Try this:

boost::bind(&Foo::f1, object, _1, _2);

object is an instance of class Foo. _1 and _2 are the argument placeholders.


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