Simplifying Locating an element in a list, perhaps using LINQ


I have the following code:

class TestClass { public string StringValue { get; set; } public int IntValue { get; set; } } class MainClass { private readonly List<TestClass> MyList; public MainClass() { MyList = new List<TestClass>(); } public void RemoveTestClass(string strValue) { int ndx = 0; while (ndx < MyList.Count) { if (MyList[ndx].StringValue.Equals(strValue)) break; ndx++; } MyList.RemoveAt(ndx); } public void RemoveTestClass(int intValue) { int ndx = 0; while (ndx < MyList.Count) { if (MyList[ndx].IntValue == intValue) break; ndx++; } MyList.RemoveAt(ndx); } }

What I would like to know is if there is a simpler way, perhaps using LINQ, to replace the while loops in the 2 RemoveTestClass functions, rather then iterating through each element, like I'm doing?


You can use <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/x1xzf2ca.aspx" rel="nofollow">List<T>.FindIndex</a>:

myList.RemoveAt(MyList.FindIndex(x => x.StringValue == strValue));

You may also want to handle the case where the element is not found:

int i = myList.FindIndex(x => x.StringValue == strValue); if (i != -1) { myList.RemoveAt(i); }


Simplest possible way I can think is finding first item, which matches the criteria and then use List.Remove to do it:

myList.Remove(myList.FirstorDefault(x=>x.StringValue == stringValue))

because Remove doesn't throw an exception when it can't find the item, above works fine. except you permited to have null values in list, which will be deleted, and I think it's not so good to have them in list.


I would do it in that way:

public void RemoveTestClass(string strValue) { MyList.RemoveAll(item => item.StringValue.Equals(strValue)); }


public void RemoveTestClass(int intValue) { MyList.RemoveAll(item => item.IntValue == intValue); }


If you only want to remove the first occurrance:

public void RemoveTestClass(int intValue) { var itemToRemove = MyList.FirstOrDefault(item => item.InValue == intValue); if (itemToRemove != null) { MyList.Remove(itemToRemove); } }


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